Health Benefits of Pets


Not only will a dog be your best friend for life, but they might extend it as well.  They lower your blood pressure and lessen anxiety, and are also proven to help lessen allergies.

In a recent study, a researcher known as James E. Gern tested the blood of infants after they were born and again a year later (learn more here).  He was testing for immunity changes, and found that children living with pets are less likely to develop allergies, due to the fact that they were exposed to the dirtier air early on in life. Not only were the chances of allergies decreased, but they were less likely to get skin diseases like eczema.

Another thing is that pets have been proven to help Alzheimer’s patients, who are less likely to have anxious outburst when they have the company of a pet.  Pets are good for elderly people in general, giving them exercise and something to look after.  Dogs help people get their exercise in general, they have to takes walks every day, which is great whether you have pets or not.

When people are stressed, they release chemicals that negatively affect the immune system. Chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine have been linked to heart disease, and having a dog or cat helps combat this.  Playing with dogs helps raise levels of serotonin and dopamine, calming chemicals.  Risk of heart disease is lowered when you own a pet.

Rescuing a shelter animal is not only good for them, but for you.