Friday Friend

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This is Romeo.  He’s a 7 month old Guinea pigs, and he’s looking for his Juliet.  Or a forever home, that works too.  Just a reminder, putting Romeo with his Juliet is a bad idea, unless you intended to have 57 Shakespeare-themed Guinea pigs.

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Pet Stores Doing it Right


“Across the United States, 59 cities and counties have banned pet store sales of commercially bred puppies, hoping to shut down puppy mills—businesses that neglect and abuse animals. Individual stores may be an even more powerful force for change…”

Many cities across the US have been enforcing new standards about pets stores and their furry cargo.  Places like Philadelphia have started making shelter dogs available in their pet stores instead of breeder ones.  The movement has been a huge success, finding homes for over 100 puppies within four months.

While this is a good development, getting dogs out of shelters and into good homes, some people argue that puppies shouldn’t be sold in pet stores at all.  People think that banning dog sales at pets stores will stop the sale of puppy mill puppies, and it lessens the problem; but dogs are still being sold over the internet.  Like water squeezing it’s way through crack in a rock, human beings will always find a way around the rules.

There have been several other arguments about the cons of pets store puppies, saying that they are unsocialized and prone to have defects.  Puppy mill breeders that supply to pets stores don’t screen their animals for said defects like hip dysplasia, cardiac disease, and blindness.  Carol Hibner Saunders, owner of Primo PetCare in Auburn, Wash, states that pets store dogs are horrible to potty train, due to their minimal socialization.

I really don’t like phrasing it like this, but you get “quality” canines from reliable breeders who properly screen and socialize their dogs, or sometimes from humane societies and animal shelters. You don’t get them at pet stores.

Hopefully this trend will catch on and more pet stores will become responsible and help lessen the amount of animals in shelters.