Canine Cellmates


Canine Cellmates is a program in Atlanta that saves cellmates in both prisons and animal shelters.  Dogs on the euthanasia list in local animal shelters are pulled out and brought to the Atlanta Fulton County Jail, where they are paired with inmates in a service dog training program.  With training scheduled every day, the dogs have helped some of the inmates get their lives back.  The dogs have helped the inmates find their ambitions and goals for other things besides crime.

The program Canine Cellmates seek to provide viable job skills through dog training for when the inmates get out of prison and need to function in society.  The dogs rescued from shelters receive the training and enable them to find forever homes.  When not in training session, the inmates get to spend time with and bond with their respective dogs.  With the dogs, the inmates learn “responsibility by caring for a living being, accountability in working towards a goal, experiencing the joy of unconditional love, gaining confidence in working toward a positive outcome and skills that will allow them to become law abiding, productive members of society (quote from the site).”  So yeah, this be important.