Friday Friend


Meet Jack. He’s a two year old, male parakeet whose looking to fly into a good home. Look at this guy, he’s so cute, adopt him.


To learn more about Jack, go here.


The Catfe

In Vancouver, there’s a cafe full of cats. Cats everywhere. The “Catfe” is modeled after cat cafes in Taiwan and Asia, part coffee shop and part foster home for cats. You can go there to get coffee and cat treats or pay extra to pet some cats in in the adjourning cat lounge. No more than 16 people are allowed in the cat lounge at one time, so as not to stress out the kitties. They’re doing very well with adoptions, and actually ran out of cats to adopt over the holidays due to their popularity. Within the first ten days of operation, they adopted seven out of their eleven resident cats, and had to temporarily close later due to a cat shortage.

Cats living at Catfe are free to wander around and socialize with people at will, instead of being cooped up in a cage and stared at all day. It’s a safe and comfortable environment for them to live in until they can be adopted, which probably won’t take very long.

The Catfe is a great example of people helping reduce the stray animal population in a creative and fun way. If more people could find creative ways like this it could make a real difference in improving the stray animal improving.

Find more info about the Catfe here.